Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit. I wanted to start out by telling you a bit more about myself and what my hopes are for this blog....

Some things I love are my morning coffee and prayer time, taking photos, scrap-booking (although I don’t have much time for it these days!), reading novels, horses, flowers, nature-especially the seaside. I am a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder fan and love all things Laura! I love healthy eating, though I am not extreme in the area. 
My purpose in putting together this blog is to share my journey with others. I believe we are called to use our experiences to help one another.  I think the vocation of motherhood can be a lonely one at times. It's so easy to compare ourselves to other women and become discouraged and isolate ourselves. Whenever I am going through something in life I want to know I am not alone, that others have been there. My hope is that in sharing my struggles, thoughts, experiences etc, that someone may read something and realize they are not alone.  I will always be real in what I post because that is what I always crave. All too often I think we, as women, search out things to help us on our way only to find what appears to be perfection. From there we start to second guess ourselves and wonder why we don’t have what another has, whether it’s creativity, organization, great ideas etc. This sends us down the trail of self doubt. I don’t claim any perfection.  Many of my ideas have been cultivated by watching and observing others or asking for advice and taking the best of others’ thoughts. Any talents I may have and anything good that I may do, are only because of God’s Grace. I am a real mom, who struggles every day to be better. I yell at my kids too often and, get frustrated with my husband more times than he deserves. I do not have it all together. Some days are more challenging than others. But I get up every day, spend time with Him, and only by His Grace, keep moving forward. 

I recently read something that I loved on another blog that I came across. Then as I searched through I found a comment about the blogger being non-denominational because she didn't believe in division. Ironically I felt instantly divided from this woman because I love and embrace my Catholic faith. I will post things about my faith on here, but would hate for anyone to feel division over that. I believe we are all after the same Savior and I pray all will feel welcome here.

 I will pray daily for all who enter this site.  Thank you for joining me on my journey. Know of my prayers for you and may God bless you always~

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